Stefan C. Müller


My research focuses on Scientific Data Processing. I'm looking for new ways to process the petabytes of data produced by today's instruments and simulations. The goal is to have simplicity and interactivity similar to tools like Matlab combined with the performance of state of the art computer systems.

Such a system must integrate ideas from areas which are currently mostly treated separately:

  • Domain Specific Languages: The domain scientists should be able to formulate the processing they intend to perform themselves. This requires a language which is convenient to use for them.
  • Distributed Computing: Processing petabytes of data requires massive CPU and memory resources. Clearly we need to apply clusters and grids.
  • Data Management: Handling and organizing such large data sizes needs large storage capacities and advanced data organization. Scientific Data Management has become an active research area in systems at its own.

I'm a PhD student of Gustavo Alonso of the Systems Group of ETH Zürich. I'm employed at the Institute of 4D Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland where I work in André Csillaghy's Data Spaces group.

Other Interests

During my time as a research assistant I worked on optimization projects. We've applied mostly evolutionary algorithms which try to mimic nature's capability to adapt itself optimally to a given environment with genetic recombination and mutation.

I did my master thesis on Multi-task learning for image categorization. While I'm currently not working in computer vision, I'm still interested in machine learning and its applications.

Besides computer science, I'm trying to get the hang on photography. But I have to admit that the average tourist likely takes better pictures than me. You can see some of my attempts in the Gallery.

Contact Information


Office @ ETH Zürich

Systems Group
CAB E 77.2
Universitätstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich

Office @ FHNW

Institut für 4D-Technologien
Steinackerstrasse 5
CH-5210 Windisch